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Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program is very straightforward – you refer customers to Broadband Africa and start earning a commission for services that are brought on our website from people coming from your links. It’s a simple way to broaden your product portfolio and earn commission without the risks that come with managing end customers.

Your end customers engage directly with Broadband Africa, meaning that we are responsible for all elements of billing, liability and technical support.

Minimise risk, increase profit. Get paid a commission every time your customer recharge their account for a full year from their first buy.
We provide our Affiliate partners with the materials they need to excel at generating recurring revenue.

Our Affiliate Program is perfect, if you have:

  • A recognized Website in your country for news, sport, economics, people...
  • A Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn / Youtube account with a lot of followers.


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Reseller Program

If your Company is already active in either , the IT industry, Telecom services, VSAT and satellite services or is able to develop a branch into this type of business, so the Reseller Partner Program is fitted for you.

You just have to store Broadband Africa’s kits and sell them to the end customers at the better price. You can also propose additional services like installation and training for example, and then you will earn comfortable commissions for each voucher bought by your customer and this is for ever so long your customer will use the service.

Broadband Africa’s Partner Program is an excellent way to generate recurring revenue without having to invest resources into developing new products. Plus, you’ll get all the advantages of working with a leading satellite service provider – our advanced technology, innovative solutions and top-notch expertise.


If you think you are eligible to Reseller Program, just send us your request and our analysts will contact you in a shortly delay.


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