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Established since 2005 in France, Afrique Telecom is one of the biggest players in the satellite industry for Africa.
With more than 10000 customers using their satellite technologies, Afrique Telecom has a perfect knowledge of the needs of its users and in particular the specificities of the African market.

Afrique Telecom has launched many innovative offers for the satellite market:

The first Pay-as- you-go offer available for satellite links

The virtual network operator offer for Administrations and Corporate customers

The full integrated hotspot Wi-Fi using satellite links with a unique sharing revenue model

With Broadband Africa devoted to end-user connectivity Afrique Telecom delivers all his know-how for the benefits of end-users asking for better connectivity with a unique and powerful answer.


Afrique Telecom was designed as the "African Enterprise of the Year 2017", Award decerned at the International Conference for Africa in the presence of many African delegations.


More information : www.afrique-telecom.com